Saturday, December 21, 2019

John Kesey s One Flew Over The Cuckoo s Nest - 1157 Words

Though every period of time, people often find themselves looking for a savior. While most people turn for Jesus Christ or other religious figures, in the novel, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, by Ken Kesey, the patients of a strictly-run psychiatric ward turn to Randal Patrick McMurphy. Kesey uses McMurphy to create a Christ Figure, or a character that shows allusions to Christ, in his work. Despite being a patient, McMurphy finds a way to stand out as a Christ Figure through having his individual thoughts and actions, rather than shrinking himself to what the ward wants him to be. Recurringly, authors use direct relations between the new testament and their novel to show proof of a Christ Figure. Kesey uses events like the fishing†¦show more content†¦Ellis being nailed in this position that Christ was nailed in shows a direct relation to the novel and also foreshadows to McMurphy, the Christ Figure, one day being lobotomized and taking on Ellis’s traits of immobility and helplessness. Ellis is also described as â€Å"like a stuffed trophy†(Kesey 16), which once again shadows how McMurphy’s story at the ward will end, sitting in the day room with his name next to him to be used as an example, another â€Å"trophy† for the nurse. Another direct relation between Jesus and McMurphy is the first time Chief Bromden, a large indian man who has pretended to be deaf and dumb for over 15 years, speaks. When Chief speaks, he is alone with McMurphy. McMurphy gives Chief a piece of gum, and this simple act is what gave Chief the courage to speak. McMurphy demonstrated his ability to listen to people, and this is what truly made Chief willing to speak to him. At the end of their conversation, Chief found himself wanting to â€Å"touch him because he’s who he is.†(Kesey 222) By this, we can see that Chief feels McMurphy has healed him and listened because that is â€Å"who he is.† We also see the relation of healing powers through believing that a touch can heal you from here

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